• Regional School Business Administrator Groups


    As part of the MASBO strategic plan, the MASBO Board of Directors is committed to providing professional development as well as networking opportunities for School Business Administrators.  One of the ways that is being done is through regional School Business Administrator Groups. Along with groups that were already in existence, several new groups have been established so that every SBA is provided a connection to a regional group.  If you serve as a SBA in a public school district and have not been contacted about a group in your area, please contact Sheryle Coaker, (601) 544-0262 or sheryle.coaker@gmail.com so you can be connected!  These groups meet periodically as determined by the group and follow an agenda developed by the group members.  Each group has a meeting planner who coordinates arrangements for the meeting.  Guidelines are set by group members as to the format of the meetings.  MASBO has agreed to help sponsor lunches, snacks, and guest speakers.  Each group has been asked to provide a brief summary of discussion and action at each meeting to the MASBO Board of Directors. Using that information, they can address any issues that they can help resolve and also share with the other groups any information that might be helpful to them!  Please make every effort to attend meetings in your area!

    Newly Formed Southwest Mississippi Group meets September 5, 2014 
    3   Metro Jackson area regional group meets September 5, 2014