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Professional Development Opportunity

Georgetown University’s third cohort of the Certificateof EducationFinance(CEF) starts with a two-day residency in Austin, Texas, on January 31 and February 1, 2019, in partnership with the Austin Chamber of Commerce. (Can’t make it to Austin? The next CEF cohort residency is slated for Washington, D.C., June 19 and 20, 2019.)

Taught by Dr. Marguerite Roza and a range of guest speakers, thisfirst-of-its-kind programis an interdisciplinary, interactive, hands-on approach to learning and applying strategic finance strategy, leadership, policy and administration covering everything from resource allocation and productivity to financial tradeoffs and equity. We’re looking to equip participants at all levels of the education system with the practical skills needed to be both better consumers and users of education finance information. Cohort participants range from (but are not limited to) district and school leaders to analysts and graduate students to nonprofit leaders and policymakers. Our cohorts to date report that working with and learning from professionals across a wide swath of roles and perspectives in the education sector is invaluable in helping them effectively apply their newfound skills.

Designed for full-time working professionals, the 40-hour (4 CEU or 48 CPE) certificate builds on the two-day residency with live, interactive virtual sessions every two weeks through May 9, 2019. Scholarships may be available. For questions, contact Liz Ryan


Edunomics Lab is a Georgetown University-based research center focused on exploring and modeling complex education finance decisions.